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Amazing free bundle with website goodies

Download Your Free 5GB Bundle Of Templates, Icons, Logos, Banners, Backgrounds And More Today.

2013 will see a new resource for web designers. ByPeople is going to bring you a market packed with icons, templates, PSDs, logos and lots more. ByPeople promises to deliver everything web-ninjas could ever need. To shorten the wait its creators decided to put up a large archive for free. The archive, containing hundreds of design elements, comes at a weight of around 700 MB to a desktop near you. All you need to do is get your hands at an app that’s able to unpack a 7z-archive and tell ByPeople your mail address.


Once you’ve downloaded the lot you’ll find you have 1000s of great items including:

  • 100 menus
  • 100 seamless patterns
  • 100 search boxes
  • 20 résumé templates
  • 100 character illustrations
  • 100 pixel perfect icons
  • 80 Credit card icons
  • 2 original fonts
  • 100 shadows
  • 100 user icons
  • 202 logo templates
  • 20 banner templates
  • 20 PSD themes
  • 40 stationery templates
  • 40 toolbars
  • 50 business card templates
  • 50 dividers
  • 50 shines
  • 50 social media icons
  • 60 badges
  • 70 buttons
  • 750 applications icons
  • 80 boxes
  • 80 sliders
  • 90 ribbons
  • Dozens of pixel patterns
  • 100 backgrounds

Go to see it and download it all!


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