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New Blackboard WP theme is available

Today I’ve finish my latest WordPress theme Blackboard. This theme has also been approved by  This means you can download it from or through the back-end of your wordpress installation.

A preview can be found on this location.

You can download the Blackboard theme from this location.


If you enjoy this theme or you have a question or comment, please leave a message.

Genesis Framework for WordPress


  1. I really like this theme, Thanks

  2. Hi I love the look of this theme great job!
    I want to use it, but having problems with one of the plugins working with it. I activated “easy toolbox” which is supposed to show logos with links for facebook, twitter, etc so people can like on facebook and post to their profiles.

    I use it on another wordrpess theme and it worked as soon as I activated it, but for some reason it’s not showing up on your theme.

    Please help

    I included the link for the other theme with the plugin in use for reference:

    so i want the share logos/links

  3. I know you said the fixes are in the new update but I have not seen any updates in a while. Any idea on when you will update this theme again. I love it but it has a few major flaws still.

  4. Hello-

    I really like this theme, but am not able to get my home page to display the summary only.

    I change the settings in “reading” but it never changes when I load the page.

    Any ideas?

  5. why my blog tittle in header does not appear

  6. Why the title of blog cannot find in this template?

  7. This is awesome! Thx:)

  8. Hi!
    I think you need this code in header.php

    Kiss from Italy!

  9. Hello,

    I Have Some problem with the w3c validation and I do not know if you would like to make some changes in the theme to correct.


  10. Graphic-Designer zegt:

    How can I tweek the dropdown menus?

    Because I created new background graphics, I adjusted the padding in style.css for the “ .menulink” to increase padding:17px 7px 7px;

    Now, when I hover over the menu items, the dropdown item appears partially OVER the menu item instead of under it. I can’t figure out where to change it – or how? Any help would be appreciated.

    Great theme – love the layout. Thanks!

  11. Hi Frank,

    I’m using your blackboard theme and I have translated most of it (what I need) to German. There’s an error in comments.php that makes the avatar pictures look wrong: The pictures appear in size 64×64 but are generated in size 31×31 (and then upscaled). You have to change line 29 from


    in order to make it look properly. Thanks for the nice theme :)

    • hmmm the quoted code did not work. search for avatar_size in line 29 and change it from 31 to 64 — that’s what I said in my original response

    • Hi Hgesser,

      the avatar has the same size as the Grey header of the comment. I’ve changed the size to fit it in. In my test environment it looks good. Do you have a example for me where it looks totally wrong?

      Thanks, Frank

      • Hi Frank,

        actually, it had better be 48, not 64 as I suggested. A 64×64 pic will be scaled down to 48×48 and still look ok, but a 31×31 pic that is generated by default, looks bad when scaled up to 64×64.

        I don’t want to change the settings back to 31×31 so you could look, but here are two screenshots of what a comment looks like with the original settings and with (now) 48×48 settings: . On top is the proper one (also showing the code used to have the pix generated), below is the bad one.

        Greetings, Hans-Georg

        • By the way, the theme you use on this site has a similar problem: It generates avatar pics with 32×32 and scales them up to 33×33. If using Firefox as browser, right-click on any picture and select “properties” (or whatever an English or Dutch Firefox will call it, for me it is “Eigenschaften”). Then you can see something along the lines of “32 px x 32 px (scaled to 33 px x 33 px)”.

          And in the parent to this post I meant to say “… looks bad when scaled up to 48×48” in the first paragraph. The numbers start confusing me…

          Greetings again 😉 , Hans-Georg

  12. It looks like no matter what month you click on for archives it gives all posts.

  13. Your 404 pages are jacked and there are many errors in the code. Thanks for the theme but its gunna take hours to resolve all the issues.

  14. It seems that your theme name was my site name and I started the site before I found your theme. But anyways I found a bug and would like your assistance.

    1.) All errors pages are farked for some reason. Formating is off and the side bar starts below the content on the right side.

    Go to

  15. hi, i love your theme, but i have a problem loading any page except about and index. Page load but doesn’t have any css; load just a content without css layout. can you help?

  16. Thanks for this theme, I really like it :)

    I still have a problem, since I have change the theme for this one. The video on the sidebar induce a bug, the sidebar fall down at the end of the page.

    Do you have an idea how to fix this bug ?

  17. Pixie78 zegt:

    Great theme! I love it! Keep up the good work m8!


  18. Chance Found zegt:

    And secondly, I don’t see any title information in the page template.

    the ?php wp_title( $sep, $echo, $seplocation ); ? information.


  19. Chance Found zegt:

    Is there any way to hide pages?

    I have used a page for copyright and privacy information, and I have no way of hiding it from the top menu. Advice?

  20. I really enjoy your Black Board theme on WordPress, really like the mix of different textures.

    Though is it possible to have Jquery horizontal menu?

    While the archive and categories are good, it could be used more efficiently if menus are horizontal.

    Please keep up the good work!


  21. Good Theme!
    I translated this theme into Russian.
    And it can be viewed on my blog.
    Thank you for your work!

  22. Hey man. I was just looking at your new theme and everything seemed cool until I clicked on one of the gallery thumbs. When the new page loaded it was all screwy on a MacBook Pro, 10.5.8, and Safari 4.0.4. Is is just me? Thanks.

  23. The title is positioned in the sidebar. Therefor there is no title in the header.php. I’m looking for a clean fix so the title will also be in the header.


  24. infrablack zegt:

    sory for second post there is no title in header.php in this theme

  25. infrablack zegt:

    you forgot to add ” ” in header.


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