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Update Comment Central!

A new version of Comment Central is available. I’ve updated the theme with several changes. The main reason for this update is to improve the performance.

I’ve changed the background. Instead using a big .PNG file it’s now a small .JPG file with a repeat-x function. The circles in the right corner are a small transparent .PNG file. Also, I’ve downsized some other graphic parts of the theme.  As a result the theme is less then 1MB and most important: it will load a lot quicker in your browser!

You can download the latest version from

Genesis Framework for WordPress


  1. many thanks for this nice theme !!!

  2. Frank, I love the theme. I’m using it on a few sites. Do you have any other similar themes you’ve created or any other themes that you know of that are similar?

    Anyone else is welcome to answer, as well.

  3. Frank.. kinda need your help, m8..

    I recently updated WP into 3.1.1, but the theme is not compatible anymore, the header area, there is a black stripes.. please advice… how to fix it in the css file. THanks a lot!!!

  4. hello
    i’m building a small webpage with comment central but i’m having some trouble with the dropdown list of sub-pages on the top menu. It doesn’t show the whole title of the sub-page… i’m not an expert… i still can’t figure out how to fix this… do i need to fix the width of the dropdown menu or something else? and where do i edit this? in the style file? help please! thanks!

  5. Jürgen P. zegt:

    Hi! I love your theme.

    Just one Problem.

    If someone leave a comment the first line looks like this:

    Mel K. sagt:
    %A, 19UTCFri, 19 Nov 2010 00:47:34 +0000 %e. %B %Y um %H:%M

    How can i change this to look correct? or where can i delete someting of this line.
    Maybe i only need the date and time.

    Thanks alot

  6. Thank you for this theme!

  7. Hi Frank…
    I really need your help.. whether it’s possible to enlarge the width of the content box to the right side? like 1cm wider… I know it’s possible, and I also know it’s all in CSS file, but the problem is that i am not a programmer
    Please advice.. and btw, I increased a link of the on our homepage as well, not only links exchange page..
    Thanks again..

    • Hi Brian,

      It’s not that easy. But here we go.

      Changes are made in the style.css

      #page width: 900px –> 1000px;

      .narrowcolumn, .widecolumn: width: 530px –> 630px;

      #top: width: 570px 670px
      #top: background no-repeat –> repeat

      I’didn’t test this, but it should work…..

      Thanx for the link!

      Good luck,


      • Thanks so much, Frank..
        This is Simon btw, not Brian.. 😀

        I only added 50 px at the end, 100 is too much maybe… and I put the top menu navi even to the page box…
        magin right -50 to -100…. I figure it out by myself.. hehe..
        Thanks again…

      • Hi Frank

        Thank you very much

        It works fine, except the title of the post which could go more to the right

        So I changed the lines :

        #content width : 400px -> 500 px
        .comment_icon{ : margin: 10px 0 0 450px; -> 550px

        … and now the title takes full length

        Is there a way to donate ?

  8. Love the theme, and the best thing is that is free, fresh, clean and modern… :) thanks guys…

  9. Hi Is there a way I can remove the comment box from a static page but leave it on the posts?

  10. I’m adapting this wonderful theme to the site mentioned.

    I’m changing the background image however I trying to figure out how to change the color of the black zone below the image background. It’s black by default and I can’t find the area where this color is specified.

    Any advice?

  11. Found out that the theme was much lighter after converting the .png files to .gif files.

    The weight is 1/3 and .gif is compatible with older browsers like IE6, while .png not !

    Also, I found that there where some “errors” in the php (which however has no impact on most browsers)

    should be colsed with , or you can write

    Also, in the css files, there are references to image files which do not exist.

    Finaly, I made a translation into french.

    Thanks again for this theme

    • wow, if change into gif, I think have to change some urls in the scripts.. way too complicated to my… haha, i really wanna do so though… 😀
      Hope frank could finish his projects soon, and do some updates…

      • You must change the filenames in the style.css also !

        replace .png by .gif

        It takes less place and saves time while loading the page, but the .png files seems more precise

  12. Great theme, performs very well with your last update, well done sir!

  13. Simon (Fashion Bop) zegt:

    Thanks so much for your theme…. matie..

    It makes my fashion website more fashion!!!!

    high-five!!!! 😀

  14. Hi, Great template! Thanks so much for the design. I am embedding You tube videos in my site but the narrowest videos that you tube now offers are too wide to fit on the white paper. So the video runs off the right side of the paper. Is there a way to stretch or make the paper wider?


  15. Love the theme, and the best thing is that is free, fresh, clean and modern… :) thanks guys…

  16. Hi, I have 1.2.4 of comment central and unfortunately the bullet points do not show up when published…

    Is there a fix for this? Does anyone else have this problem?

    Much love,

    An otherwise fantastic looking theme.

    PS but the red stamp “COMMENT CENTRAL” is too much. The link at the bottom of the page is enough I feel.

  17. Love the theme, thanks for your work and willingness to help people like me! I’ve made a few modifications to the theme and have a couple of questions. First, you said the circles on the right are a PNG file, which file is that? Second would it be easy to move the sidebar to the right hand side?


  18. infrablack zegt:

    hi, i like your theme and i decided to use it on my site.
    i want to translate it into my language. if you give me the “submit.gif” without text i would be very happy

    thanks very much

  19. Love this theme, and can’t wait to implement it! I’m making some mods to it to make it more “me”. I’d like to change the color of the woodgrain background to something more subtle, but am having problems manipulating the .jpg file. Do you have a .psd file that might be more workable for that purpose?

  20. Hi,

    your theme is really eye-catching! I am in love with it, however, I have experienced a problem with the sub-pages. They simply cannot be seen but the sub-sub-pages do work.

    has anyone met such a problem? I would really appreciated any suggestions since I am not even certain it is connected with the theme, I only suppose so.

    Anyway, thank you for your work, for the great theme!

  21. Me again
    OK dear…
    I did not see the style.css in your directory
    Changed font-size form 6é.5 to 80 %

    Hope this will not causse trouble to some browsers…

  22. Hi

    Thank you very much for this theme which looks great !
    I would like to use it, but I have to change two things

    – is it possible to change the width of the sidebar and the posts ? It seems the posts are much at the right of the screen. I ‘d like to have them at the center, and eventually have larger posts, more readable
    – the texts in the posts are a bit tiny. Seems like 10 points or so… Is it possible to have larger texts ?

    Sorry if it seems obvious to some people but I am new to this

    Thank you

  23. Hi,
    i really like your theme but wanted it for a german site so i translated it into german (and for my site changed the look a bit). Hope you like it!!

    German version can be found here:

  24. Hi,
    it appears to me that in some browsers the top menu becomes a list in stead of pull down, and in that case I can only select the page there and no archives.
    Is there anything I can do about it?
    Also I would like a clear RSS feed icon on my side bar in stead of in the footer, how can I go about that?

  25. hi, can you pls tell me where i can download the red whine and 8mm themes. I’ve
    looked everywhere but with no succes

    thank’s alot for your work and letting other people use them.

    • Hi Rupert,

      At this point those are both conceptual designs. You could subscribe to the rss feed to get the latest info about new theme releases or just check here every once in a while.

  26. i´ve some problems using this theme with IE < 8.0
    the top menu and background seems to be displaced.
    any ideas how to fix this ???

    many thanks for this great theme !!!

  27. optikfluffel zegt:

    could i change some details in this theme for using it in my private blog?
    for example: removing the comment-central at the bottom of the sidebar or change the ‘badhotel verenahof……’ on top of it?

    • Hi optikfluffel,

      To change those you need to edit the theme’s images in Photoshop. To remove the hotel from the lable you need to edit top_menu.png. To get rid of comment-central at the bottom of your sidebar you can edit test.png. Both files can be found in the images folder of the theme.

  28. Thanks for the update m8!

    Greetz, JeeDee


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