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WordPress 3.0 new features

Wordpress team has started some time ago working on WordPress 3.0 version. There are lot many new features expected to come in WordPress 3.0.

One major upgrade which is expected to come in 3.0 is the merge of WordPress and WordPress MU. Which means you will be able to install multiple sites on your normal wordpress installation as part of expansion. Currently if you want to expand your reach by adding multiple sites on your normal wordpress installation, you will have to install a new copy of wordpress each time. But after the release of WordPress 3.0, that expansion will be much easier.

Menu Settings on WordPress 3.0

New featured and nice one is Menu Setting, this menu is based on WooNav WooThemes Framework menu. This menu system will have a drag and drop

functionality that will combine Pages, Categories, and Links. It will also allow the ability of re-ordering, along with sub-menus, and hiding specific Pages or Categories from the menu altogether.

Custom Image Background on WordPress 3.0

In WordPress 3.0, it will have, additional to the Custom Header Image support, also a Custom Background Support. A first snapshot is in the current trunk. To use the functionality, the theme needs in functions.php this line: add_custom_background();

After that, there is in your backend under Appearance the menu Custom Background available. After uploading an image, you have the option to activate “Tile the background” and delete the background image.

New default theme

The WordPress 3.0 release will be packed with a brand new default theme called 2010. This theme will include Custom header, Custom Background, Clean Design, Multiple Widget Areas, Cascading Menus and a lot more. Overall, it will be a good base to build on for custom themes.

Choose your own Username/Password

This is a feature that I have always wanted from WordPress. From version 3.0, whenever you install WordPress, you will be able to choose your own username and password. You will no longer have to accept “admin” for the username and a randomly generated password.

Custom Post Types

Until now, you could only add posts or pages to your WordPress blog. This feature will give you power to create content of any type that you want. For example, you can have Portfolio listings, Products, Catalogs, Library etc. This feature is not going to replace categories or Tags. You will still be able to use categories. Custom Post Types will allow a different way of sorting/displaying your content.

Genesis Framework for WordPress


  1. looking good… imo Thelonious rocks… by the way WordPress 3.0 is out Joomla 1.6 is in Beta3 Drupal 7 — Alpha5 (expected Beta soon) exciting days for open source php CMSs yuppiii

  2. I will wait their final version… sounds nice though! hehe…

    oh, I saw your bookmark thing.. so nice!! I search, it’s sexybookmark, right?


  3. Nice! Thanks for the heads up.

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